Maximize your Medicare benefits by learning everything that is covered under your plan.

Confused About Medicare ?

“What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You!”

There are two parts to Medicare. Part ”A” and Part ”B”. Following are some of the singularities of each part.

Part A

• Work 10 years or 40 quarters for $0 premium

• Deductible for hospital admissions can be 6 times a year ($1,364)

• 60 Days benefit pays for in-patient hospital stay, some cost of skilled nursing, hospice and home health care.

• Pays nothing for long term care or out patient services

Part B

• Monthly Premium $135.50

• One deductible per calendar year ($185)

• Medicate pays: 80%

• You pay: 20%

• Pays for : Medically necessary services, doctors, MRIs, heart scans and durable medical equipment (example: Diabetic supplies, CPAP, braces and ostomy supplies), outpatient care and preventative services

Medicate Supplement FREEDOM of CHOICE or Medigap Policies

  • You must have Part A and Part B
  • Enroll at the right time to get Guaranteed Issue!
  • Works only with Original Medicare (your Red, White and Blue Card)
  • The cost goes up each year!
  • A supplement does not have Part D Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
  • May Enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to avoid Part D penalties