Need Help with Choosing Shoes for Your Osteoarthritis?

Interested in Some Tips? Keep Reading…

You Should Avoid Heavy Shoes
Although they may sound like a great choice for patients with arthritis, shoes with very heavy soles like clogs and stability athletic shoes can actually worsen pain in the knees. This is because of the way these shoes alter your gait. This may cause an increase in the pressure on your knees.
You Should Try Flexible Walking Shoes
Flat walking shoes that have a bit of flex to the sole are ideal for you if you have osteoarthritis in your knees. Unlike shoes with heavy soles, these don’t cause unnecessary strain on your knee joint. You should make sure that the sole is not so flexible that it can easily contort out of shape.
Give Barefoot Shoes a Try
Surprisingly flat, flexible shoes may actually be more comfortable if you have knee pain than overly supportive shoes, such as clogs. Barefoot shoes create less strain for the knee joint and reduce your hip joint lods. You may even try walking barefoot if you’re comfortable with that. Just be sure that you’re walking on a safe surface.
Rocker Bottom Shoes Are Worth Consideration
Supportive boots can reduce your pain and keep weight off the forefoot. You may also try hiking boots that extend just above your ankle. If you go with fashion boots, choose a pair that doesn’t make your ankles feel wobbling. You’d want your ankle to be firmly supported in order to limit the movement in the joint which makes walking more comfortable. Lastly, with osteoarthritis, it is recommended that you should not wear boots that are too tight around your ankles.
If You Have Osteoarthritis in Your Knees
Look for shoes that absorb shock
Avoid heavy soles
Try flexible walking shoes
Give less supportive shoes a try
 You Have Osteoarthritis in Your Feet and Ankles
Wear supportive boots
Avoid open-backed shoes
Look for wide shoes
Be aware of where the shoe binds
Make sure they don’t restrict your feet
Open-back shoes
Flip flops
Shoes with laces or buckles