Family support

Church Alive reaches out to families through churches and various religious events. Our goal is to provide much-needed health and financial information and guidance to seniors and families so that they do not fall “through the cracks” of our society’s social support system. Because they are already engaged in charitable activity, churches and religious organizations are an optimal means of reaching these individuals.


Although seniors are at greater risk of developing serious health conditions, most also have a degree of “safety net” in government support programs like Medicare. Church Alive offers those 65 and older (and their families) education and guidance in how to qualify for these programs and take advantage of the benefits they are due.

Medical/preventative care

For families and individuals, the best way to keep well is to be well-informed. To this end, Church Alive participates in health fairs and offers workshops and seminars through our affiliation with churches and religious organizations throughout the US. Church Alive also participates in Christian gatherings such as conventions, conferences, and other events.

Genetic testing

One of our most popular offerings at the events we attend is our genetic health screening capabilities. Through our laboratory affiliate, we are able to offer several invaluable genetic screening services to most individuals. Following a brief needs and viability assessment, a medical doctor will collect a DNA sample simply by swabbing the inside of a patient’s cheek. That sample is then processed over a few weeks, and a final report is issued to be shared with the patient’s general practitioner.