Every day, Church Alive is out in the community, doing the LORD’s work by helping families like yours.

At the center of Christian life is the family, and it is our mission to help keep families like yours healthy.

Well-being for generations

Church Alive – together with Spanish-language sister brand Viva Iglesia – is a nationwide Christian organization that provides vital health and wholeness programming to communities of faith. With the assistance of religious and municipal community leaders, we deliver health education, access, and advocacy to individuals and their families.

Our primary goal is to mitigate the many health disparities that impair both African American and Hispanic communities.

Guided by a diverse, multi-denominational advisory board of pastors and religious leaders, we create compassionate programs that are driven by the needs of the communities we serve. We work closely with local religious leaders to reach faith-based communities and help them bridge the gap between spiritual and physical health.

Our programs are diverse, and ever-evolving to better meet the needs of our community partners. Past offerings have included informational programs, advocacy workshops, customized media and content, medical discount programs, as well as food pantries and health screenings.

Hope is Here at Last

Church Alive connects with people through church outreach and community organizations.

We offer programs to provide invaluable support for the medical needs of individuals and families.

We provide vital free services such as COVID-19 testing for communities in need.