The Services We Offer

Our mission to provide health and wellness support to communities takes Church Alive into a variety of different solutions. Often, our organization must “fill in the gaps” in areas neglected by government agencies and health providers, and find innovative, cost-effective ways to bring vital information and health resources to people who need it most.

To do this, we must be creative and nimble, and willing to adapt our services to different communities and to work across denominations to promote and support a healthful lifestyle for all.

COVID-19 Testing

From the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Church Alive has been acting to serve at-risk communities in areas where we have a volunteer presence. In addition to providing food and groceries during quarantine lockdown, we have also been providing free drive-through testing services with the assistance of our accredited laboratory.

Church Alive reaches out to families through churches and various religious events.

We offer programs to provide invaluable support for the medical needs of families.

We provide vital free services such as COVID-19 testing for communities in need.